KTOWN food stall inside Madang Mall

KTOWN (Korean Food)

Address: 621 S Western Ave
Phone Number: Not submitted

Located inside the H Mart supermarket in the basement of Madang Mall.

Available for takeout: large kimchi dumplings, large pork & veggie dumplings $4.99


Address: 3500 W 6th St
Phone Number: 213-382-4200

Vietnamese-Korean fusion at the second-floor food court of the City Center mall on 6th Street.

Menu includes turmeric fried rice.

Wool Um Ma inside HK Market

Wool Um Ma

Address: 124 N Western Ave
Phone Number: (323) 469-9329

Wool Um Ma “Restaurant” is a small Korean eatery inside the HK Supermarket on Western Avenue for eat-in and to-go. Menu includes Jjin-bbang, Wang-mandu, Fried dumplings, Water (boiled) mandoo, Kimbap, Spicy Squid over Rice, Ddeokboki, Bibimguksu, Jjolmyeon, and Bulgogi over Rice. Open from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Kimbap Udong: California Market

Kimbap Udong

Address: 450 S Western Ave
Phone Number: 213-568-3128

“Kimbap Udong” food stall inside the newly resurrected California Market on the northeast corner of Fifth Street and Western Avenue. Sells kimbap (rice rolls), udong (noodles in broth), and other simple Korean fare. 김밥 우동 가주 마켓 Open as of January 2016. The complex itself soft-opened on December 28, 2015. Staff very rude towards non-Koreans, especially women. Will prioritize Korean salarymen in terms of handling orders.

Kyodong Jjamppong

Address: 3500 W 6th St
Phone Number: 213-923-6689

이만구교동짬뽕 (식당-한중식/분식) 교동짬뽕 LA 1호점 KYODONG USA INC. Kyodong Jjamppong Where Ming Chinese Express used to be inside the food court of the City Center mall on Sixth Street.


Address: 928 Western Ave
Phone Number: (213) 388-0053

Awoolim is one of the Korean stalls inside Koreatown Plaza’s food court. Shikhye Slushie 928 S Western Ave, Ste 125 Los Angeles, CA 90006 Open seven days a week, from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm. Menu includes various types of kimbap and freshly made ddeokbokki.

VNS Chicken

Address: 3250 W Olympic Blvd
Phone Number: (323) 733-9292

VNS sells oven-baked chicken. The eatery was once a Vons Chicken, part of a South Korean chain. It is located off to one side of the Koreatown Galleria Market below street level. Popular items on the menu: Boneless, Drumsticks, Wings, BBQ * Note that you have to place an order at least 30 minutes before you would like to pick it up. They start taking orders at around 10:30 am and last orders are taken at around 8:00 pm. The orders here are mostly for takeout, though there are also a few tables and chairs on site, if you would can enjoy eating your chicken right next to the supermarket’s cash registers.

Wiches on Wilshire

Address: 3800 Wilshire Blvd
Phone Number: (213) 389-3656

Sandwiches for pickup. The language used is primarily Korean. Open six days a week, Monday to Saturday, 8:00 am – 3:00 pm. Closed on Sundays.

In 2010, the Los Angeles City Council formally declared Koreatown's borders as Western Avenue, Olympic Boulevard, Vermont Avenue, and 3rd Street, with a business corridor on Western from 3rd to Rosewood Avenue.