Chinaloa food truck

Birrieria Estilo Chinaloa

Address: 657 S Serrano Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone: (323) 243-7715
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“Honk If You Love Tacos”

Birrieria Estilo Chinaloa is a Korean-Mexican fusion food truck serving birria tacos, as well as quesabirria tacos and quesarollo tacos.

Claim: La mejor birria en Los Angeles esta hecho por un Chino.

Tacos de Birria Food Truck

Can be spotted on Serrano Avenue, just south of Wilshire Boulevard, two blocks east of Western Avenue.

Chinaloa is not Sinaloa but “Chino” (Chinese) style. Most Central Americans refer to Northeast Asians, even non-Chinese like Koreans, as “Chino.”

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