Gonjiam Korean Restaurant

Address: 4653 Beverly Blvd 90004
Phone Number: (323) 469-4648

Korean-Korean restaurant in North Koreatown that serves bossam and budaejjigae. Known for its somori-gukbap. Next to a place known for handies.

Mandarin Garden

Address: 1001 Vermont Ave 90006
Phone Number: (213) 380-0075

“Mandarin Chinese Restaurant” is a small eatery on the southwest corner of Olympic & Vermont. Koreanized Chinese food for takeout and delivery. Kungpao Chicken, Mongolian Beef, Szechuan Beef, Broccoli Beef…

Arunee Thai Corner Kitchen – Moved

Address: 240 N Virgil Ave 90004
Phone Number: (213) 385-6653

Boon Arunee Thai has moved around the area a bit over the past eight or so years. From two (?) locations on Vermont to 6th & Alexandria, the restaurant is now located slightly outside of Koreatown’s formal borders as of August 2014. Lunch specials on workdays, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm.

JinHeungGak (Mandarin House)

Address: 928 S Western Ave 90006
Phone Number: 213-386-4588

This location of the Chinese restaurant chain inside Koreatown Plaza is now independent of the others. Among the notable items of the menu are the Sino-Korean dish jajangmyeon (noodles in black-bean sauce), dumplings, fried rice, shark’s fin soup, and kung pao chicken.