Address: 3300 W 6th St 90020
Phone Number: (213) 387-4392

Homibing (호미빙 好味氷)

This is one of the new shaved-ice concepts imported from South Korea. The name literally means “Good-Taste Ice”.

Boba Time – Western

Address: 125 N Western Ave 90004
Phone Number: (323) 466-2622

Part of a franchise of boba places in Southern California known for shaved ice (patbingsoo), frozen yogurt, smoothies, ice-blended drinks, milkshakes, slush, and boba pearls.

La Vue Wine & Dining on Wilshire Boulevard, LA

Cafe La Vue

Address: 3855 Wilshire Blvd 90010
Phone Number: (213) 251-0099

Cafe La Vue (카페 라뷰) is scheduled to open in 2016 in the space formerly occupied by Starlight Karaoke, which only had an office permit. It’s the odd-shaped building on the western side of the street known as Manhattan Place, on the north side of Wilshire Boulevard (i.e., northwest corner of Wilshire & Manhattan). Menu is French / Italian cuisine with wine. Wine & Dining…  alcohol and food… a block west of Western Avenue… a very short walk from the Western & Wilshire subway metro station. B & K Entrprise Inc. Han Tae Financing.

Cafe Jack

Address: 508 S Western Ave 90020
Phone Number: (213) 365-8882

Sushi in the Boat. 카페잭 Inspired by the movie Titanic, this iconic Ktown cafe is on a ship. Leonardo di Caprio’s character in the film was named… Jack. Got into hookah in 2013. No more hookah as of November 2014. Might get hookah back in December. Stays open until 1:00 am on most days.

Bia Cafe in Koreatown LA

Bia Coffee

Address: 3907 W 6th St 90020
Phone Number: (213) 568-3007

Bia Cafe in the space formerly occupied by James Barber Shop on 6th Street. Opened in February 2017 with a “Flower Coffee” concept. Closed on Mondays.

Cafe Americano

Address: 4003 Wilshire Blvd 90010
Phone Number: (213) 427-3637

Cafe Americano on Wilshire, near Wilton, is a Korean-run coffee shop that serves not only coffee, but also Misutgaru smoothies and Banana Mocha ice-blended drinks.

Tom n Toms – Vermont

Address: 440 S Vermont Ave 90020
Phone Number: (213) 738-9134

South Korean coffee chain that’s the equivalent of Starbucks. This branch at Vermont Galleria opened in November 2011. Closes by 12 midnight on most days. No health rating in the County database as of January 2013. Inspected on 12/19/2012 as a Food Warehouse.

Cafe Mak

Address: 612 Shatto Pl 90005
Phone Number: (213) 252-9898

Many young people come her to study… Serves coffee, tea, sweet-potato cake, patbingsu (shaved ice)…

Tom n Toms – Western & 1st

Address: 125 N Western Ave 90004
Phone Number: 213-380-7671 disconnected

North Koreatown location of Tom n Toms coffee shop. Opened in 2012. North side of the WaaWaa Plaza mini-mall on Western Avenue, just south of Beverly Boulevard, by Paris Baguette and across the street from HK Super. Lots of seating for studying. Very slow wi-fi. Open seven days a week, 7:00 am – 2:00 am. Hours subject to change. 08/08/2016 94.0 RESTAURANT (61-150) SEATS MODERATE RISK B health rating as of June 2015.

In 2010, the Los Angeles City Council formally declared Koreatown's borders as Western Avenue, Olympic Boulevard, Vermont Avenue, and 3rd Street, with a business corridor on Western from 3rd to Rosewood Avenue.