Address: 3500 W 6th St, 90020
Phone number: (213) 382-8943

Hodu Gwaja are small walnut-shaped pastries filled with a sweet paste of red beans and nuts. You can grab a bag for snacking or purchase a gift box from COCOHODO’s “Wilshire” branch, which is located inside Zion Market on the first floor of the City Center shopping mall on 6th Street. Usually open everyday from […]

RadioShack – Wilshire

Address: 3422 Wilshire Blvd, 90010
Phone number: (213) 738-9123

This is the Radio Shack on Wilshire & Mariposa. Part of a national chain of consumer electronics specialty retailers. Expected to close soon because of the company’s bankruptcy. Open 9:00 am – 7:00 pm most days.

Lucky Pet Premium Pet Food & Boutique

Address: 4115 W Olympic Blvd, 90019
Phone number: (323) 930-1372

럭키펫샵 (애완동물미용)… Organic dog and cat food, pet grooming supplies… Open 10:00 am – 6:00 pm on most days. Closed on Sundays. Located in Southwest Koreatown on Olympic near Crenshaw.

Olympic Aladdin

Address: 2785 W Olympic Blvd, 90006
Phone number: (213) 739-8107

Aladdin (also transliterated as Aladin from the Korean) is a bookstore that sells mostly Korean-language books written by Korean authors in South Korea. *Please call before going to check if they’re open. Usually open seven days a week, 10:00 am – 8:00 pm.

World-8 Game Shop on Vermont & 11th

Address: 1057 S Vermont Ave, 90006
Phone number: (213) 389-5212

Mom-and-pop game store on Vermont and 11th that opened in 2011. 8 bit to current generation. Buy/Sell/Trade Local alternative to GameStop. Open seven days a week, 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm.

Aladdin Used Books

Address: 621 S Western Ave, 90005
Phone number: 213-385-0800

한국 알라딘 본사에서 LA에 중고서점 1호점을 오픈… Located on the third floor of the Madang mall, this is the first L.A. branch of the ALADDIN chain known for buying and selling used Korean books, English books, CDs, and DVDs. In South Korea, the chain’s name is spelled with one “d” — Aladin. The Aladin on […]

Jump Q

Address: 170 S Western Ave, 90004
Phone number: (213) 365-6133

Jump Q sells homeschooling materials such as workbooks to a mostly Korean clientele.

LA Audio Video

Address: 111 S Western Ave, 90004
Phone number: (213) 252-0066

Home Entertainment and Audio Video Specialists: Televisions, Stereo Sound Systems Paradigm, Bang & Olufsen (home theaters, multi-room music systems, loudspeakers, televisions…) Moved in 2012 into the inside of Idee Home showroom on Western Avenue, near 1st Street.

Montana Natural Meat

Address: 355 S Western Ave, 90020
Phone number: (213) 383-5353

Korean-run meat market that opened in December 2013 on the northwest corner of 4th & Western. Now has sushi rolls to go. Usually open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, seven days a week.

S & H Fine Furniture

Address: 701 N Western Ave, 90029
Phone number: (323) 465-9590

Fine pieces of classical-style furniture on the corner with Melrose Avenue in North Koreatown.