Galleria Market on Vermont

Address: 440 S Vermont Ave, 90020
Phone number: (213) 427-6266

This is the fourth location of the Galleria chain of Korean supermarkets in Southern California, and the second one in the Koreatown area of Los Angeles. Their other locations are on Olympic & Western in LA, in Northridge, and in Rowland Heights. They are also affiliated with HK Market, the Korean supermarket with locations in Glendale and at 124 N. Western Avenue (on 1st Street) in LA.

Galleria Market refers to the Korean supermarket. The entire building which also houses other businesses including a pharmacy is being referred to in the community as Vermont Galleria.

This Korean supermarket is extensive, with fresh produce, dairy products, a butcher, Korean deli (featuring side dishes called banchan) and mainstream American products such as Eggo and Hot Pockets in the frozen food section.

Opening day: Thursday, the 20th of January in 2011

Galleria Market on Olympic

Address: 3250 W Olympic Blvd, 90006
Phone number: (323) 733-3800

A clean and extensive supermarket with an emphasis on Korean products, including freshly prepared banchan (side dishes) and Korean ingredients packed and ready to combine for meals.

Produce section with fruits and vegetables.

Fish & Seafood.

Madang Courtyard

Address: 621 S Western Ave, 90005
Phone number: Not submitted

MADANG is a three-level shopping and entertainment complex located just north of Wilshire Boulevard on the western side of Western Avenue.


MaDang is the Korean word for courtyard.